Dino is a Creative Producer. Born in Croatia he spent his childhood and young
adolescent years in Germany. Dino started experimenting with fashion photography when he was
a young teenager, constantly creating ideas and concepts becoming obsessed with supermodels
and fashion magazines until he was discovered as a fashion model at the age of 18. He therefore
moved to New York where he started to organize his first fashion shoots alongside his modelling
work. After modelling for a number of years he moved on to pursue his photography career
further. Whilst working with clients such as Vogue, Tatler, Prestige, Marie Claire and Lane
Crawford, he started to develop his distinctive style and vision.

Dino incorporates various aspects such as history, sex and art to his photography to further
enhance its appeal beyond simple fashion photography. Being constantly inspired by his
surroundings including books and movies, he is especially fascinated by the people that he meets
throughout his travels who inspire him to advance his work further.

Dino is currently based in London.